About Us

About Us
Go Green

We want your belongings shipped to you swiftly, smoothly, and as green as it possibly can be. We talk like real people, without using cryptic logistics lingo. And we focus on markets we know best, to deliver the best results to you.

SNOWL ® someone else
easy steps So simple. And transparent. The website only consists of 156 links and 3 pages of small print.
free packing materials Our iconic blue boxes are the toughest in the UK. And we deliver to your doorsteps. Along with bubblewraps and adhesive tapes. In the rare occasion when boxes are supplied, you’ll have to pick them up at the depot, and they’re a mucky boring brown.
no hidden charges No nasty surprises. Ever. Didn’t you read the small print? Pay now or never see your stuff again.
stable price Stable as a rock. The price fluctuation reminds you of the stock market.
low lost / damage risk Every box returns to the SNOWL nest (aka warehouse) before it gets shipped out. When your stuff changes so many hands, the chance of poor handling increases.
door to door We always deliver to your front door, not just the ground floor* Port-to-port, door-to-port, port-to-door... all coming with their unique set of extra charges.

*only to Taiwan and Hong Kong addresses where it is accessible and with a lift.

direct service We load all our own containers, and our containers go straight to the destination countries without transit at another port to catch another container. Your boxes make stops, get loaded into other containers consolidated from other countries, and maybe end up with the penguins.
personal attention Anyone in our office can answer your questions, so you don’t have to explain your situation over, and over, and over. Start with the automated message. Press a number and your waiting time is 30 minutes. Wrong department. Get put on hold. Repeat.
flexible delivery & collection service If you want us to leave your stuff or packaging with your neighbours or friends, we’ll gladly do so. “Sorry we’ve missed you. Now please pick up your 20kg package at our depot.”
transparent tracking We always know the precise location of your stuff, even to the pallet. Sometimes the stuff can go so off the radar like an undercover agent.
multi-lingual We speak English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese... and you’ll speak Snowlish after you ship with us. Hoot hoot. Logistics lingo can sound even more foreign than Parseltongue sometimes.