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Go Green

At SNOWL, we strive to minimise the impact that international shipping can bring onto the environment.

We start by designing and distributing packing materials that are recyclable as well as bio-degradable.

Our flexible services allow us to really cut down the number of fruitless delivery and collection trips. Which makes you, our driver, and the planet happy.

We've made the middleman disappear (no kidnapping involved), resulting in less journeys and less emissions.

To further reduce carbon footprint, we always book our own containers, loading them with only our cargo, making it possible for us to send them directly from London to the destination ports without any detours. On a side note: With no stopovers, and no groups of randoms wheeling boxes in and out the container, the chance of your stuff getting misplaced is also significantly reduced.

Last but not least, 99% of our internal and external communication is digital. The printer is being used as a plant stand, giving our office an even greener touch.